It's Time to Reauthorize

Colorado's Lottery Division is Constitutionally required. When Colorado voters approved a state lottery in 1980, the General Assembly created a Lottery Division in the State Department of Revenue to administer the program. The Lottery Division is set to expire in 2024 unless extended by the General Assembly, which will consider the extension during its 2018 session.

In 1992, Coloradans voted to distribute profits from the sale of Lottery products according to this formula: up to 50 percent to the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Trust Fund (against a cap that today is roughly $65 million), 40 percent to the Conservation Trust Fund, and 10 percent to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Funds that exceed the GOCO cap go to the Colorado Department of Education, Public School Capital Construction Assistance Fund called BEST. Learn more about these proceeds partners.

We are proud that our predecessors had the foresight to dedicate Lottery dollars to protecting and improving what makes our state great—our parks, trails, rivers, wildlife, and open spaces. It is our responsibility to continue Colorado’s tradition of taking care of them so all Coloradans, for generations to come, receive the benefits of our state's beautiful, working landscapes and the outdoor recreation opportunities we enjoy today.

In addition, profits from Lottery ticket sales support retail businesses, including local, independently owned shops all across the state.

The reauthorization of the Colorado Lottery Division during the 2018 legislative session will allow Colorado Lottery's proceeds partners to continue to plan proactively, manage budgets effectively, and put Lottery dollars to great use.

Join us, and show your support!